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China-lutong Parts Plant
Company Name :
China-lutong Parts Plant
Contact Person :
Mr. Corissa Lao
Country :
Business Type :
Main Products :
Head Rotor(VE Head Rotor,Perkins Head Rotor),Diesel Nozzle,Diesel Plunger,Diesel Elements,Diesel Injectors,Delivery Valve,Cam Disk,Drive Shaft,Repair Kits,Feed Pump,Roller Ring,VE Pump Parts,Nozzle Tester,Test Bench,Common Rail Injector,Common Rail Nozzl

Product's Details

Injector Nozzle for Nissan - Ve Pump Parts Dn0pnd112

Automobiles & Motorcycles / Auto Parts
Price : 2.85 ~ 3.15 USD
Payment Terms : TT/LC/WU/PALPAL
Production Capacity : 20000PCS per month
Delivery Time : 3-5 days
China-lutong Parts Plant [ Manufacturer ]
Nissan Diesel Injector Nozzle DN0PND112-VE Pump Parts

China Lutong Parts Plant is manufacter in China in the suppyling and servicing of diesel fuel injection enterprise,our quality is Approved by ISO9001:2008
We are Major in: Diesel Fuel Injection Nozzle, Nozzle, Diesel Engine Parts,diesel fuel injection,injection nozzles, diesel parts, diesel nozzles.diesel engine parts, pencil nozzle, nozzle holder, ve pump parts, We have the world brand equipment, craft, full testing machine, very strong technical force, and we have big lots, more types and high quality production scale, and modernization manager.

What is VE pump?

The purpose of the fuel injection pump is to deliver an exact metered amount of fuel, under high pressure, at the right time to the injector. The injector, unlike in a gasoline engine, injects the fuel directly into the cylinder or a prechamber connected to the cylinder. 
The VE in the name of the Bosch pump used in the VW diesels and many other small diesel engines stands for "Verteiler", which is German for distributor or divider. The other common kind of injection pump is the inline pump. The difference between them is that the "Verteiler" VE pump has one fuel metering plunger, and a mechanism (the "Verteiler"/distributor) to send the fuel to the right cylider. The inline pump has one plunger for each cylinder. 

Our Main Products:
1.Head Rotor:VE head Rotor(Bosch,Denso,Zexel,Delphi)
2.Fuel Injection Pump:(ISUZU,JMC)
3.Ve Pump Parts:(Feed Pump ,Cam Plate, Drive Shaft,Solenoid Valve,Roller Ring,Oil Seal,etc.)
4.Reparit Kit(VE Pump,Lucas,etc.)
7.Delivery Valve(A,P type etc.)
8.Pencil Nozzle(Ford,John Deer,CAT.)
9.Common Rail Control Valve(621C,622B,625C,C7/C9,etc.)
10.Lucas Head Rotor.(DPA,DPS,DP200)
11.Diesel Fuel Injectors(Bosch,Denso,Delphi)
12.Nozzle Tester,Test Bench.
13.Other Components
Item Type Reference # Stamping #
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1080 DN0PDN108
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1120 DN0PDN112
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1120 DN0PDN112
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1130 DN0PDN113
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PDN 093400-8220 DN0PDN121
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PDN 093400-8220 DN0PDN121
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1240 DN0PDN124
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1271 DN0PDN127
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1280 DN0PDN128
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1290 DN10PDN129
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1300 DN10PDN130
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1350 DN10PDN135
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PDN 105007-1000 DN15PDN100
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PDN DN4PD38 DN4PD38
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PD 0 434 150 006 DN0PD2
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PD 093400-5200 DN0PD20
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PD 093400-5210 DN0PD21
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PD 093400-5310 DN0PD31
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PD 093400-5370 DN0PD37
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PD 093400-5581 DN0PD58
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PD 093400-6050 DN0PD605
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PD 093400-6190 DN0PD619
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PD 093400-6280 DN0PD628
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PD 093400-6500 DN0PD650
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PD 105007-1020 DN0PDN102
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PD 093400-5760 DN10PD76
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PD 093400-5060 DN15PD6
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PD 093400-6090 DN15PD609
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PD 093400-5320 DN20PD32
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PD 093400-5010 DN4PD1
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PD DN4PD3 DN4PD3
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PD 093400-5571 DN4PD57
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PD 093400-6810 DN4PD681
Diesel Injector Nozzle DN_PD DNOPD704 DNOPD704

If you have any demand,please feel free to contact us,we'll try our best to meet your need.

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