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ProductsBangladesh.com (here in  called PB Site) approaches to facilitate    different kinds/types of business to business (B2B) services to the PB  site users or members (payable or free) or visitors through professional  commitment with strict privacy through set of terms & rules of restriction  as suitable. To visit this PB site, acceptance of the terms and  conditions of privacy policy is a  pre-requisite condition.

1.General  Conduct & Prohibitions:

1.1 This  PB site means www.productsbangladesh.com is to function as Global B2B web  portal or  e-market place, so that the  items or commodities and or products by means of information is restricted or  prohibited to posting in this site by federal states or local law in any  country or jurisdiction and users/members of this site are responsible for  ensuring to post all information is not prohibited by law in any respects of  jurisdiction. We, PB site, here in listed some categories of prohibited or  restricted items and however,  PB site  has also  selected the prohibited posting  of other categories of items which may not be prohibited or restricted by any  law but nonetheless controversial including :

i)  Items/products that encourage illegal activities and deals; 

ii) Items  that are racially, religiously or ethnically derogatory, or that  persuade     hatred, violence, racial or  religious intolerance, and  political views and news;

iii) Not to promote , lotteries, raffles draw, or contests;
iv) Stocks, bonds, investment interests, and other securities;
v) Pornographic materials & drugs or items that are sexual in nature;
vi) Items that do not offer an item or service for sale, such as advertisements      solely for the purpose of  collecting user information;

vii) Not to campaign for vote, athering notice circulate, promote violence message or other kind of  non-business information.

viii) Posting of defamatory and libelous statements or other statements that would violate any third party's privacy or publicity rights.     

ix)  Introducing viruses, worms, harmful codes, or Trojan horses Spamming, flaming, or other similar activities;


1.2 PB site, itself as  sole and exclusive discretion, reserves   the right to impose additional restrictions and prohibitions.

2. Artifacts:

2.1  Artifacts, cultural relics, historical grave markers, and in terms of related  items are protected under the laws of the Bangladesh,  the United States, European countries, and  other laws & jurisdictions and may not be placed or sold through the PB  site.

2.2 The trade of cultural relics (including personal collected relics), gold, silver, other precious metals or substance, rare animals and their products from any territory parties is strictly restricted & prohibited under law of Bangladesh and is in accordance with prohibited on the PB Site.

3. Currency and Stamps

3.1 PB  site strictly prohibits  to  sell and purchase of counterfeit currency and  stamps, coins, bank notes, bonds, money orders, and other securities, as well  as the equipment used to produce such items.

3.2 Reproductions or  replicas of coins as transactional  items  must be marked clearly with the word meaning of  "COPY", "REPRODUCTION", "REPLICA"  or as otherwise required under the local law.

4.Hazardous Materials and Substance  :

4.1 The  posting or selling leads of hazardous or harmful substance (such like as  explosives, ammunitions,  radioactive  materials, flammable gases, liquids and solids, and toxic substances, narcotic  or other kind of dangerous or treated as illicit  substance ), gold, silver and other precious  metals or statue  (not including  jewelry)  is prohibited on the PB Site.

4.2  The  steroids,  poppy seeds, poppy seed products or other forbidden  substances,  those items used for the  ingestion of illicit substances including pipes such as water pipes, carburetor  pipes, chamber pipes, ice pipes,  etc. is  prohibited on the PB Site


5. Contracts and  transactions:

5.1  Members are strictly responsible and  ensuring the transaction is lawful and not in  violation of any contractual obligation. Before transaction or posting an item  on the PB Site, members should check carefully of information including  contracts that are with in the limit that is restricted by the PB site.

5.2 Members on the portal  may have any question regarding the rights under a contract or agreement, PB  site sincerely request to contact the company with the entered into the  contract and/or nominated consultant/ attorney.

6. Security Matrix 

6.1 In the issue of site security,  we, PB site, use all technology-intelligent security method to protect and  control illegal access, data protection and ensure maximum services uptime.

6.2 Payable registered members can  be viewed and edited all the registration information, publishing information  and payment information (if any) through self account which is protected by  Password.

That's why this is recommend that  not to divulge Password but if any means it happens to loss or forget the  password, there is an option available to retrieve the password through the  set of process as instructed on PB site by proof of authentication  correctly.  

6.3 We will never ask you for your  Password in an unsolicited phone call or in an unsolicited e-mail. If you share  a computer with others, you should not choose to save your log-in information  (e.g., User ID/email and Password) on the computer.

6.4 Remember, to sign out of your  Account and close your browser window whenever you have finished your work  session. 

6.5 The Data communication through  the Internet or any other wireless network can not be guaranteed to be  perfectly secured. So every one should to keep their using level security by  own risk.

7. Copyright and Fair Use:

7.1 You (members, users, visitors) acknowledge and  agree that PB site services and any information and necessary Software or  programs used in connection with PB site services contain confidential  information that is protected by applicable & suitable intellectual  property rights and other laws and Jurisdiction.

7.2 Unless a copyright is indicated, information on  the Portal is in the public e-marketplace and may be reproduced, published or  otherwise used without PB portal permission. We, PB site, request only that PB  site be cited as the source of the information and that any data, products, image, logo etc. credit  or bylines be similarly credited to the source or members and/ or author or PB  site, as appropriate.

PB site exclusively protects all rights for this PB  site's own information and its all users, members information as well.

If you mean that a copyright infringement has  occurred, please notify the PB site Administrator (admin@productsbangladesh.com).


The above mentioned list should not be considered  throughput  in nature and shall be  updated on a continuous basis. If any one confused about the products and  usually wish to list in the PB Site in relate to its suitability or legality,  we, PB site, request to contact our customer services team through email at service@productsbangladesh.com


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